Thursday, November 20, 2008

Turkey-Induced Panic Attack

I'm generally fairly easy going. I don't get ruffled terribly easily. I did have a brief freak out earlier in the week because I thought my gifts weren't going to arrive on time for Christmas at Thanksgiving with the fam, but thankfully God intervened and the stuff is supposed to arrive TODAY, when told me it was to ship today and arrive between 11/28 and 12/4.

Since we typically make the trip to Ohio only once per year, we do Christmas with them the day after Thanksgiving. It's lots of fun I think, but it does require some preparation. My folks are sorta fly by the seat of your pants people, and I'm (emphatically) not. I'm a planner through and through, so the fact that I don't have gifts ready and wrapped already, leaving in 6 days, gives me a sick feeling in my gut. Just like prepping for WDW last month, I'm on the verge of a panic attack getting stuff ready.

I like to think it's because no one can do the stuff I need to do, but is that really true? I mean, the Music Man is totally capable of packing for the kids if I don't care what they look like. Since I do, the packing and planning outfits for four of us is up to me. Add to that needing warmer clothes than we generally wear, and there's a little shopping to add to the mix. Pack coats, wrap gifts, diapers for two, everything you'd need for 2 8-hour car rides in a span of 4 days plus packing Christmas gifts for 8 people and shoving all of it into our Hyundai Sonata, well, it's daunting.

Plus I need to find a way to fit in 20 hours of work in the next 6 days (not terrible, but not preferred). Sigh. Off to work or cook or SOMETHING. I think a list is in order!


ElleBee said...

Oh yeah, I've DEFINITELY reached the list stage. I'm SO with you there!

Nicole said...

Lists? Who needs lists? Please... just toss the kids in a car, throw some clothes in a bag, it'll all work out! Hell, I'm usually more afraid of what life in the DYT will be like once I get there than anything else! You know, if you want, I can give you tips on how to do laundry and packing at 3 a.m. for a 6:30 flight? Food I may not be good at, but last minute mania's so my thing!