Sunday, November 16, 2008

I. Am. Tired.

Remember that big fight that the Music Man and I had last week (and have had at least a dozen times in the last three years)? That fight, it is exhausting, and wrenching, and causes me to lose sleep.

Well, there's a flip side to getting what you want.

Because I told him that I don't feel loved or valued or safe in the contxt of this particular fight, we've been working hard on trying to make time for each other. This includes doing stuff you don't want to do. Do you see where this is going?

Yep. James Bond. 007.

I am not a fan of gratuitous violence, casual sex, or stomach-knotting plot twists. I don't so much like games of chance or alcohol, and so really, there's not much for me to look at in those movies. I was going to surprise the Music Man with a trip to the theater all by himself this weekend, but when I asked him whether or not he was excited for Quantum of Solace, he said no. Wha-huh? This is the man who read all of the Ian Fleming novels. He owns all but the last three movies for himself. What's going on here? Then he said that he'd never seen Casino Royale. Ah, that explains it. See, somewhere in the midst of having babies, a movie came out that we didn't see.

So what did I think to do? Well, in an effort to bless my husband, I went to Blockbuster on Friday. I didn't expect the movie to actually BE there on the day another was released. When I got up to my turn, the checker guy looked up, really surprised. He said at least two people had asked for the 1 copy the computer showed that had, and they hadn't been able to find it. Isn't God good? Apparently he really wanted me to bless my husband!

So last night at 9:30 he decides he wants to watch it. That's late for me, folks. I like to be asleep before 10 since I get up at 6 to work. Anyhow, so round at 11:45, the flick was over. And really, it wasn't bad. Less sex, not a ton of killing, relatively tasteful for a movie about a guy whose only job is whacking people. And who doesn't love Judy Dench?

So there's my review of Casino Royale. Not terrible.

See you tomorrow!

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ElleBee said...

You are a sweetie. I'm sure MM appreciated it!