Monday, November 10, 2008

I'm A Mess!

*CCM hit "publish", sigh.

Here's a melange of stuff I haven't kept up with since things are busy around here! First, my check-in, a week past due.

June 2, 2008:
181 lbs
39.3% body fat

July 2, 2008:
170.8 lbs.
35.3% body fat

August 2, 2008
160.0 lbs
32.0% body fat

September 2, 2008
151.4 lbs
30.0% body fat

October 2, 2008
146.8 lbs.
30.0% body fat

November 10, 2008
143.8 lbs
28.8% body fat

I don't think that's terrible for a month where I a) went on vacation and gained 2 lbs and b)lost about 15 hours of gym time due to Elijah House and Saturday soccer games, as well as sick kids causing us to skip workout at Due West.

Second, I got the Nintendo DS. I'd been meaning to get one for about a year, then saw a really good deal on walmart. com (I believe they still have it, 2 games, the system, and an accessory pack for $149). That Brain Age game is killing me! It says my brain is 49!! Part of it is the voice and number recognition is good but not great, and still mistakes some of my numbers, I guess lefties write funny? Otherwise, I realize that I actually LIKE sudoku. Who knew?

Finally, I'm still in the weeds for my brothers for Christmas. Ben says all he wants are pictures, and I'm happy to provide that, but I'd like to do more than give him a bunch of snapshots. Any ideas? Patrick, well, he's a big brute of a college football player, and so I got him a couple of Under Armour shirts and a subscription to ESPN the magazine. Arg!

Stay tunes, later this week I plan to do a keyword search piece. I LOVE it when people do those!


Anonymous said...

Some ideas for someone who likes pictures...

One, there are some neat websites out there (like the one ElleBee has used for your blog themes) where you can upload pictures to make digital scrapbook pages. Some even let you print off books. That's always a thought.

Or you could also make a DVD of videos + music. Microsoft Photostory is a free download you can get which works great. Really simple to use. You can upload any music at all. You can set "motion" to zoom in or out on certain parts of the photos. You can even add words, recorded voices, or other types of effects. Wouldn't it be neat for each kid (of speaking age) to record a special message for him in their voice?

Photostory is pretty neat. I like to use it in my classroom a lot, especially to make "memory videos" of pictures from our school year. Then it will save the video as an Windows Media Video file. This can then be burnt to a DVD.

If you don't have a DVD burner as part of your computer, you can also burn it to a CD, but then of course, it will only be viewable on computers.

Just some ideas for someone who likes pictures!!!

heather said...

Oh Beth, thanks! I'll look into this and get started, we do Christmas at Thanksgiving when we're up there!