Monday, November 17, 2008

100 Calorie Insanity

Earlier this week, I noticed that Twinkies come in 100 calorie packs. TWINKIES! Now, I understand that the premise of these snacks is portion control and not health, but really, isn't that taking things just a wee bit far?

To add to my grumblings, the Oreo Thin Crisps? Those things taste nothing like real Oreos. Fat, sugar, hydrogenated oils, all included, but not the essence of Oreo.

So imagine my chagrin when the Orville Reddenbacher rice cakes jumped on the band wagon. I was incensed that they would insult my snack IQ too, but since was mailing free samples, well, I couldn't resist. I'm not sure if it's his midwesternness or his fluffy corn, but I've always trusted the man, and now his incredible popping corn since his passing. Weird, I know.

My mailbox was stuffed with the sample, cheddar cheese flavor. After lunch and getting the kids down, I ripped into the (large) bag. First, the bag is about twice as big as a normal 100 calorie pack bag. Once I got it open, I realized that the rice cakes aren't cakes at all, but rather wafers stamped so that the sides rise up (like a hollowed out Reese' Cup, I suppose). I didn't count, but I'd say there were at least a dozen pieces, and about 3/4 of the way through I felt satisfied with the size of the snack. They were quite salty, but the taste wasn't bad at all, really.

All told, I'd be more inlined to eat these particular 100 calorie packs than others, and I'd definitely try the caramel variety. Let me know what you think!


Anonymous said...

I must admit that I love these! I haven't tried the caramel ones, but my absolute FAVORITE is the mint-chocolate ones. They taste close enough to a Thin Mint to bring me delight. :) I also like the sour cream and cheddar ones. And the ranch.... And the chocolate...

But I'm not obsessed or anything. ;)

Nicole said...

I don't mind the 100 cal industry, but will agree that I REFUSE to buy those oreo crisp things... Fraudulent is what that is, but must say I'm crazy disappointed in Beth's rice cake addiction. Damn, if you want chocolate, so eat chocolate!

Anonymous said...

Oh, believe me. I eat chocolate. ;)