Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Homeschool Year

The Firecracker Princess is starting kindergarten next week. Next week! I can't believe that my oldest child is going to be in school! As I mentioned last time, we're homeschooling using the Charlotte Mason method.

For my part, I've been reading her Original Homeschooling Series, and have found it to be absolutely rich with wisdom. I'm only on book one, but I've already learned so much.

Since we're starting our homeschool adventure, I thought I'd document what we're using (you know, for posterity). Plus, I'll probably forget what worked and what didn't by the time the CCM is old enough for school if I don't write it down. Something about having four kids under six will do that to you. :)

alphabet semester 1, simple sentences semester 2

Horizons K workbooks 1 and 2, Grade 1 if we finish early

Teach Your Child To Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Christian Development:
Parables from Nature
Trial and Triumph

An Island Story
Fifty Famous Stories Retold
Viking Tales

Paddle to the Sea

Burgess Bird Book for Children
Handbook of Nature Study

A Child's Garden of Verses
Now We Are Six
When We Were Very Young

Aesop's Fables
Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare
The Blue Fairy Book
Just So Stories

Fine Arts:
Folk songs first semester, hymns second semester
Three artists per term: Raphael, Sargent, and Monet, then Durer, Caravaggio, and ???

King of the Golden River
Peter Pan
The Velveteen Rabbit
The Red Fairy Book
Little House in the Big Woods.

T minus nine days and we start. Can't wait!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On Absence and Return

OK, first I should apologize. Life has been crazy this year, and I'm just now getting my bearings. I'm almost seven months pregnant, started working from home in January, and have just been holding on and muddling through 2010.

It's a shame really, because I miss writing. I miss writing for myself, something which isn't related to my income. I've been working for a health and fitness blog called GenXXL, and have taken on increased responsibilities in the six months of my tenure.

It's a good gig, and I'm so thankful for the opportunity, but I do miss getting to talk about the kids, the pregnancy, the general meandering of life.

That said, here goes.

The Firecracker Princess starts school next month when the Music Man goes back to work. We're homeschooling this year, using the Charlotte Mason method. I bought a Kindle (and a super cute cover) because most of the books for this program are in the public domain (read: free). She's really excited to get started and begs to use her "school books" all the time.

The Monster is good, still just as sweet and cute as ever. He's clearly growing up, though, which is hard on a mama's heart.

The Joyful Babe is now two, and with another baby coming in the next couple of months, I may have to give her a new nickname. Sigh. They get big so fast!

Newest babe is girl #3 for us, so the poor Monster has some competition. He and daddy have been doing "manly things" this summer to up the testosterone quotient in our home!

As for me, I've maintained a minimum of activity, but apparently I just get fat every time I get pregnant. I still have 11-13 weeks left to go in this pregnancy, but I'm just 20 lbs less than when I delivered JB. Sigh. I can't lie, though, I'm excited to work it off after the baby comes. I'm hoping to do a half marathon at Disney World near the end of February.

If you're doing the math, I'm due end of September/early October and yes, I'll be pushing it to get in long-distance shape by then. It's a goal, we'll see if I reach it!

Thanks for catching up, I hope to be writing more!