Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Since I turned 29 on my birthday, I figured I'd list 29 things I'm thankful for this year!

1. My baby girl turned four, and she's sweet and smart and wonderful.
2. My precious son turned two, and he's hilarious and adorable.
3. The Look Alike arrived safe and sound and is just a great little thing.
4. The Music Man is working hard to make me feel loved and our marriage is starting to grow new shoots in the dead places.
5. I've lost almost 80 lbs since the Look Alike was born, and I'm getting close to my final goal.
6. We still have our jobs and can pay our bills.
7. We got to take the kids to WDW for the Princess' birthday and had a good time.
8. We have plans to go back a couple more times in the next year, and will have an even better time!
9. I've learned so much about nutrition and feel like we're really on our way to optimum health.
10. My friends, who have stuck with me, even when I suggest drinking pureed spinach and beets!
11. That they admit to liking them (most of the time)!
12. This blog, where I've met so many new friends and been exposed to so many new thoughts.
13. That the Lord has given me a few special people who are changing the way I see Him and everyone around me due to their diligence, love, and desire to re-parent me.
14. Discovering a passion in exercise and a desire to teach Pilates to others.
15. Learning how to eat good, nutritious food cheaply so that we can be better stewards.
16. Staying with my great aunt and uncle when we visit Ohio. It's quiet and Kay is the one in the family who keeps the history and pictures going.
17. I'm taking the Music Man away for his birthday (God willing) in February, and have built in some surprises.
18. Due West UMC's Recreation ministry, where I get to work out and people who love children fawn over mine while I do. For free. How great is that?
19. Tenth Avenue North's music. They're really getting me through some heavy stuff right now!
20. Feeling freer and freer to worship at my church. We have some seriously, um, overt people, and that's always intimidating, but I'm getting there!
21. My friend Mitzi, who I never get to be with these days, but when we're together we just seem to pick right back up.
22. To go along with Mitz above, I'm so thankful for friends who have been in the faith for a long time, whose spirits are quiet and know stuff I don't and don't act like I'm dumb for it.
23. My Pilates instructor, Pam. I just think she's fantastic and is encouraging me to get certified to teach myself.
24. We have a house that is warm and comfortable, when others have nothing.
25. We have two vehicles so that I can get out of the house with the kids, woohoo!
26. I was able to buy extra grain in April, thereby avoiding buying it now that I'm runing low, and paying 25% more.
27. Our cats, they make the house feel warm and loving.
28. We get to stay with family in Ohio instead of at a hotel, which saves us a good amount of money (that we can then spend at WDW next month, yay)!
29. I'm thankful that I get to live another day to praise Jesus!


SeeTheBlueSky said...

Small world, but Tenth Avenue North plays our church on occasion... they played our first service 2 years ago and then last year they played some....
I believe they will be there when we have our first service in the next month (hopefully in December) in our new building... a redeemed bar in Cartersville!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Also... I may need your smoothie recipes.... I am struggling with this 20 pounds, and even spin class isn't doing it....

Mitzi said...

Awww, you made me cry!!! .....And you're right about our friendship. I love it so much!! Love ya lots, M