Saturday, November 22, 2008

I Heart the Kroger Manager's Special

There's this phenomenon at Kroger, it's called the manager's special. Basically it's just how they mark down aging fresh foods, but since I don't spend time in the rest of the store, save a brief foray into canned goods once in a while, 95% of my time is in the produce section.

Today I needed to use a coupon for yogurt that expires before we get home from Ohio. I was able to get:

Gallons of Horizon organic milk for $2.79 and $3.29
Organic, free range eggs for $1.59/dz
fresh pico de gallo $1.49
egg roll wraps $.99
12 oz of some fancy Swiss-made brie $5.29
italian salad blend $1.79

Now I know that might not sound great, until I tell you that those gallons of milk were $6.49. The eggs are $4.59, the pico is $3.99, the wraps are $2.00, the cheese was $20 ($26.90/lb, can you BELIEVE that), the salad $3.69. All told I saved over $40 on just those things. My freezer is stocked with milk, I'll freeze the eggs in ice cube trays, and we'll have salad for dinner tonight. Woohoo!


Brenna Kater, the Oceanskater said...

I didn't know you cold freeze eggs! Cool tip!

heather said...

Oh yes, you can! You can either put an individual egg in a cube or crack and scramble them, then pour into trays. I personally like the individual egg thing so that I know that I'm using the right amount. :)

ElleBee said...

I was amazed by the egg thing too! Who knew?!