Monday, September 22, 2008

Habits and exercise

This isn't going to be what you thought it was going to be, but I'm tired and those are the two broad topics, so there.

First, I have strange habits. I realized this today after getting out of the shower, how the first thing I do is reach for a Q-tip. I'm a little weird about the ear cleaning thing, it drives the Music Man crazy. And then I shave my big toes. Which would be ok, except I don't have hair there. I shave them preemptively, just in case I ever DO get hairy toes. Because that weirds me out. I also have to resist the urge to put yellow mustard on sweet corn. People also think it's weird that I eat mustard on my eggs. *Shrug* That's how I like them.

As for exercise, sigh. I've been taking these classes at a church on Monday and Friday mornings. It's amazing, $2 per class, and childcare is free. The women in there are great, my kids have a good time, and they get snacks and sometimes play on the playgorund. What more could a mom ask for? But remember my post about how the music at the gym gets into my head, and it isn't particularly pure?

Well today, the instructor had "The roof is on fire". With the swear words. Did I MENTION that we were in a sanctuary? Now, I'm all about being who you are inside church and outside of church, but seriously? BAD swear words? I was pretty offended, and I don't offend easily. Sigh.

So that's all for today, unless something totally miraculous happens, or I take a nap. One or the other.

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