Sunday, September 28, 2008

As promised...

Here is the horror...

As a preface, it was late, so I don't have any shoes on. And I'm 5'2", so those dresses look a lot better with shoes on. That is all. On to the disgrace:

First up, my freshman year homecoming dress. OK, this was a horrible night. I made my friend Rachael go b/c I went with a guy who wasn't allowed to date, so we had to have an uneven number of people per his parents. Then the restaurant we went to was tooooootally booked, so we ate at McDonald's. But the worst part was before all that, when I was putting the dress on. We couldn't get it zipped. At all. It fit fine, but the zipper got stuck and I was nearly in tears trying to get the thing on. Rachael still laughs about it. Sigh. How hideous is that thing, anyhow?!

I can't find my sophomore year dress, so we'll move on to junior year. At the time, I didn't see anything inappropriate about it, but even at 28, I wouldn't wear a dress with that sort of cleavage showing! Homecoming that year was on my birthday, yay. Notice the Look Alike pulling herself up behind me.

Here's my senior homecoming dress. Forgive the pulling in the front, the Look Alike was at my feet yanking on it. I bought it at Elder-Beerman for $18, and I was totally excited. I went through my extravagent phase, but apparently I've always been a bargain hunter.

Not homecoming, but I wore this dress to my baccalaureate mass. Hideous. That blue was one of my high school colors, though, so it was marginally OK. See that calf muscle? See it?!

And finally, here's the dress I wore to Laura's wedding. I've lost 22 lbs since the wedding so it's not as fitted as it was, but I really loved that dress.

OK, I think you've seen enough of me for a bit, but we got a new camera so you might be subject to more pictures soon!


ElleBee said...

I have to say, I'm thoroughly impressed that you posted these pics. You look AMAZING! The dresses, notsomuch. ;) That dress from Laura's wedding is gorgeous, though. I think you should splurge and have it tailored so you can have a fab dress that fits. BTW...remember when you were worried that you wouldn't lose enough weight to even fit into it? :)

Nikki Jo said...

Hahahaha... i'd just like to say that I completely forgot about the homecoming night at McDonald's! More to the point, I've forgotten what I wore that night and, frankly, I'd like to keep it that way!

Anonymous said...

So, despite the poof-sleeved hideousness I just witnessed, you look fabulous, chica! (Beth)