Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday: I Wonder As I Wander

Does anyone else remember that hymn? I don't know all the words anymore, but the older people in my church loved it when I was a child. So Mrs. B does this on Fridays over at See the Blue Sky, but I'm borrowing it today.

Five ways God loved me today:
* He let me rise without drama, leaving a sleeping infant in my bed in the cool, quiet dark
* He allowed me to feel victorious in dropping some weight (down to 148.4)
* He motivated me to get in a quick work out first thing this morning
* He has me in peace about Elijah House tonight
* He helped me choose the cereal I wanted instead of the one I choose out of habit, as a way of honoring my hunger.


Mrs. B/seethebluesky said...

Actually I stole it from 7xSunday... I pretty much have no original ideas at all...
It does help me to find the blessing that are so easily overlooked each day.....

Anonymous said...

I wonder as I wander out under the sky,
How Jesus, my Savior, did come for to die.

Oh great, now I have that song running through my head and can't think of the rest of the words. I've been humming it; it is a lovely Christmas carol. Excuse me while I call my sister for the rest of the words....

I'm back. She didn't know any more of the words either. Should I call her back and tell her she can find the lyrics at

Nah, I'll be a mean sister and let her go crazy trying to figure it out. Hee, hee.

Many Blessings,