Friday, September 26, 2008

Homecoming of two sorts

First of all, we leave for a family trip to Disney World on Oct 22. I could not BE more excited, we haven't been since I was 32 weeks pregnant with the Chubby Cheeked Monster. My FIL's birthday is Oct 23, so he'll get a birthday button to wear, we'll have one for the Firecrakcer Princess, and the CCM will get one for his first visit. Music Man, MIL, and myself will be pin-less, and the Look Alike would probably just chew on it.

I'm taking FP to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and doing the Castle package, which is the thing I'm most highly anticipating of the whole trip. Music Man is taking the CCM to the Harmony Barber shop to get his first hair cut. They give them special EARS and a certificate, so I guess it's good that my kid is still practically bald at age two! WDW is other described as the "mother ship" for Disney fans, and it definitely feels like going home to me!

I think I mentioned about a month ago that my LA started to crawl. She's now almost 7 mos old and pulling up. Yesterday, we got a new car seat for the FP so we can move LA to a Radian 65(FP got a Graco Nautilus ), and as I was setting it up, LA pulled up to standing then used it as a walker to move about 10' across the living room floor . But my mantra, as it has been known for months, is "the sooner she walks, the sooner I can go to the gym during the day".

The second homecoming might get a laugh. Homecoming in Ohio, at least where I went to school, tends to fall around my birthday. In fact, my junior year the homecoming dance was ON my birthday. The other day, just for fun, I decided to try on my junior and senior year dresses. Wouldn't you know it, they fit. I was talking to ElleBee about it, and she had an ingenious idea. Why not take pictures and post them? I'll try to get THAT post up this weekend, and please feel free to laugh, I will be!

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