Tuesday, August 18, 2009

P90X--Day 1

Day 1 workout was much easier than I expected. The abs were verging on easy, and the hour of push-ups and pull-ups wasn't easy. My arms were shaking and I didn't feel great, but I wasn't ready to puke or anything. Looking forward to tomorrow, which I'm sure is going to kill me!

So the diet. Sigh. Phase I is supposed to be 50p/30c/20f. This is hard for me as one who doesn't eat much meat. I'm just going to give it my best and hope to get 30-40% protein. If I'm being honest, my body responds well to higher protein, I just don't like it much. I FEEL better on 70% carbs, 20% protein, and 10% fat, but right now I'm looking lumpy and want to look more cut again. So here we go! I'm going to make my own protein bars out of organic brown rice protein b/c I refuse to buy the junk bars on the market. Will let you know how they come out!

3 eggs w/ spinach and mustard (cooked in 1 t. butter) (250)
peach (60)

tuna salad w/ mustard and sour cream (120)
almonds (135)

P90X snack:
peanut butter (200)
10 grapes (35)
5 dried apricots (90)

grapes (50)
chicken breast (100)
1/2 kids' cheeseburger(250)

Evening snack:
green smoothie (278)
dry cheerios

protein: 546 34%
fat: 621 38%
carbs: 452 28%

1794 cals

water: 15 c.


SeeTheBlueSky said...

Would love your recipe for the bars... I admit that I do tend to buy my protein bars, and would love to make them myself.

Kevin Price said...

Excellent work on getting started. Nice idea about making your own protein bars. Everyone is different in terms of their goals, so set the ratios appropriately to your needs. In the end you'll do just fine.
Have fun and will keep following your progress.