Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday Talk: Makeup Mistakes--Blush

Blush is the red-headed stepchild of the makeup world. Everyone seems to either W-A-Y overemphasize it or ignore it altogether. How would that make you feel if you were blush? I'm going with bipolar. One day you're a make your wearer look like a zebra, a stark stripe angled severely down both cheeks, the next day you're not even a glint in a non-wearer's eye.

I started out not wearing makeup at all really, except the occasional foundation when I looked super blah. One day, the cosmetic manager asked me if I wanted some samples of blush. Having a natural flush to my cheeks, I said no. She said that everyone needs a little blush, so I said, "What color is it?". Another manager (we all shared an office) said, "Who cares, anything will work", and the two of them laughed. Presumably at my ignorance. While I was all of 21, I refused to believe that ANY blush would work on ANY woman.

Not wanting to seem ungrateful, I took what was offered. I still have this blush, as a reminder. It was a deep, deep rose cream blush that had been part of a Clinique GWP (gift with purchase). If you're new to blush, cream is a hard place to start, especially when said cream is old and not as creamy as cakey. Anyhow, I digress.

Here are some suggestions for blush. First, you should generally use two colors. I know, I know. What a pain. But it makes a huge difference. Really. Most people in the fair to medium category should go with an apricot shade and a SUPER DUPER BRIGHT PINK that goes on really sheer.

Apricot and pink shares are typically chosen because they look youthful. Generally the best idea is to do the apricot shade all over your cheek, in a C-curve up to your temple. Why? Because when you blush naturally, the flush creeps up to your temples. We're just trying to enhance the just-went-for-a-run-then-got-an-amazing-kiss-before-having-a-
small-glass-of-wine look.

For apricots, I mean anything in that range. I'm currently using Elizabeth's Arden's blush in Apricot (complicated, eh?) which has been discontinued, but I also love Lancome's Miel Glace for people who are quite fair, and Sheer Peach Organza for fair to medium tones. And if there's one blush that's as amazing as its name, it's Nars Orgasm, a cult favorite.

For the pinks, I'm talking shades that are flamingo-esque, kabuki-theater like, 80's neon t-shirt. All of the above. Since you're supposed to write what you know, I'll suggest Lancome's Shimmer Pink Pool. Nars Angelika is great, too. It's sort of hard to believe, but these uber-brights are really wearable, sheer shades in disguise. Don't be afraid, blush has come a long was since the aforementioned 80's. These you wear just on the apples of your cheeks, and blend into the c-curve a bit. Don't make yourself look like a clown by adding just one thwap of blush on your apple without blending. And if you do, don't say you learned to use blush from me.

For my darker toned ladies, I love love love Lancome's Shimmer Coral Sunset on your apples. It really reminds me of the islands, it reeks of calypso music, sarongs, the sea. It's just that beautiful. As for the base color, I really like yet ANOTHER Lancome color (they make really good blush), and that's Shimmer Mocha Havana. The rules are slightly different for you, since only the darkest of ladies tend to have red undertones. I can address you all privately, that can get complex (just shoot me an email if you have questions, that goes for everyone).

I'll go into cream and gel blushes and cheek stains later on, those are typically for the more advanced user.

In summary, use two colors. Apricot-ish shades on the whole c-curve, and pink just on the apples. Oh, and then apply last week's lesson, bronzer, over the top before you skip merrily out the door.

Go see Fussypants, or die trying. We all need that much laughter in our lives!


Darla said...

Blush is tricky. I've seen women wear in it all kinds of places, no where near there cheekbone. LOL!

Sister Honey Bunch said...

This is so funny. I debated putting blush on this morning because I put on my Jergens Glow. I didn't realize how unfair I was being to my makeup

Joy said...

Very informative post!

mah-meeee said...

wow, you know lots about makeup! i must visit your site often to get great tips!

awesome post!

Hairline Fracture said...

Thanks for the tip! You explained it very well--I have the apricot shade (I like L'Oreal True Match); now I'll have to stop being scared of the bright pink!

Michelle@Life with Three said...

I am so glad you posted -- this was so informative! I need to get some new blush, so I'll head out this weekend and pick up the two colors you suggested. Great post!