Monday, April 14, 2008

All kinds of wrong

Ya know, I really try not to complain about my life. I know that I have a great one. But today I'd just dejected. As I mentioned last week, the Job Which Must Not Be Named is in trasition, and they STILL won't tell us what's up. Apparently, according to hearsay, there hasn't even BEEN a change yet. Riiight. I'm not as dumb as I appear. :) If we're allowed to go back to our old positions (and I imagine we will be, you want to retain your best people in most businesses), then it'll mean a 50% pay cut, which I'm not sure I'll do. Needless to say, my heart isn't in my job, I'm just sticking it out until we hear something definitive.

And, my blender broke today. I mean the whole shaft thing that turns the blades snapped off as I was trying to get my morning fix, er, meal. I decided a while ago that I'd buy a Blendtec when this one died, but I didn't think it would
be so soon, and I certainly didn't think it would be at a time when I don't really have a job. Sigh.
The icing on the crappy day cake is that the thing takes at least a week to get here. You'd think that if you spent $400 on a blender, they could get it to you pronto. No green smoothie for me,
I guess I'll invest in a fiber supplement like NOW.

It's 50 degrees and rainy, and I increase my mileage today for my run. Yikes.

OK, done whining.

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