Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Who Doesn't Love to Compare?

So I get this periodic email from facebook that lets me know how I rank among my friends, my "strengths and weaknesses", as it were. Do you really want to know where I stack up? Actually, heck, anything has to be better than the flogging I took on! I'll spare you the bottom bunch, but essentially people think I'm best at:

1st would i rather take shopping (Hit me up whenever, I LOVE to shop)

1st happier person (Really? Did you not read my post about having had nervous breakdowns?! That's plural!)

1st rather get stuck in handcuffs with (this is my personal favorite; demonstrations here we come!)

1st more useful (I do try to be helpful)

1st more loyal (Yep, that's me)

1st more generous (Erm, I try, but I don't find myself to be generous naturally)

1st more punctual (Uhm yes. Tardiness drives me nuts, and ESPECIALLY nuts if it's me that is tardy)

1st studies harder (A geek, you say?)

1st more reliable (Again, I do try)

1st harder worker (Aww shucks, this is what I'd like to be known for)

1st more organized (You haven't seen my housekeeping if you voted me more organized!)

1st more athletic (don't confuse my gym time with athleticism, I'm still sorta awkward)

1st rather travel with (Name the time and the place!)

1st better friend (Thanks. Mwah!)

1st am I more jealous of (Please don't be jealous of me; I'll get a complex, but I do have a pretty rad life with these little ones around.)

I score lowest in "can drink more", which is good, because I don't drink alcohol. But I could drink you under the table if it were water, since I'm getting about a gallon a day. I also score low on "most likely to skip class". You know me so well!

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Nikki Jo said...

You scored low on "most likely to skip class?" Seriously? These are clearly NOT people who knew you in college! One word: econ! Hahaha...