Friday, August 8, 2008

And then there were five...

...which is hard when just minutes ago, you were seven. You know, I can see how it would be somewhat appealing to be a polygamist, what with the extra hands for cooking, cleaning, child-rearing. It's all good except the sharing-your-husband part. Shudder.

So ElleBee and the Manimal have hit the road back home, and I'm totally bummed. It's going to be a rough day, and we're in a real period of transition all around. It's really nice to have someone around who knows you, has known you, and doesn't mind your little quirks. Or big quirks, as the case may be.

In addition to our vacation being over, the Music Man started back to school this week. That means marching band rehearsal two nights a week, plus small group, plus Friday football games and the odd band competition and Saturday rehearsal. It's the busiest time of year, and I'm not a fan. If it didn't pay so handsomely, I's ask MM to skip it. He just loves it so, and that combined with the cash makes it worth his while, no matter how tough it is on the rest of it.

And finally, it's time to move the CCM to a big boy bed and the Look Alike to the crib. Sigh. She's five months old, and it's just time to get her out of our bed. This is really bittersweet for me, but I know she's ready for it and it's just me that isn't. And my boy, my little son, in a big bed all alone? It just can't be. My monster will be two in less than a month. (Note to self, get cracking on planning his birthday cake).

So big changes for yours truly. I'm hoping to post a picture soon, just need to get permission. ;)


Michelle@Life with Three said...

I'm sorry your company left -- I always find that a bit of a let down, too.

How exciting on the big boy bed upgrade! I always found that such a big milestone. I prolonged it as long as possible because it just felt like, "Wow, you're not a baby anymore." :)

ElleBee said...

If it's my permission you're waiting for, feel free! :) Thanks for an absolutely marvelous time!