Thursday, August 28, 2008

Here's Some Real Poetry

I have been looking for this poem for some time; it's been my favorite since high school and I found it again in something called a trip book. See, when you're in marching band and you take a five hour bus trip after school and rehearsal that night, you have to do something to stay sane. So our Fearless Leader at the time told us about a book, comprised of pages the band kids submitted. Some of them were serious, some of them were funny, and some were just strange (anyone remember Michael's tribute to his right testicle? Sigh), but it was interesting.

Anyhow, so this edition of the trip book was from my junior year, and Brooke, one of my clarinet players, submitted this poem. I don't know where she read it, though I know that her mom is an English teacher, so I'm not surprised. I've loved it since then, and it's still my favorite!

Heart's Desire
Julia C.R. Dorr

"God give you your heart's desire
Whatever it be", she said
And down the gallery's shining length
Like a thing of light sped

Her face was a stranger's face
Her name I shall never know]
But softly her benediction fell
As the night winds breathing low

Who knoweth the heart's desire?
Its innermost secret dream?
Its holiest shrine where the alter lights
Forever and ever gleam?

Who guesseth the heart's desire?
Ah, neither you nor I
It hideth away in a darkling space
From the gaze of the passer-by

Who giveth the heart's desire
For the child who cries for the moon
Or the Samite robe o the Holy Grail
To the soul that was born too soon?

Who giveth the heart's desire
To the lover whose love lies dead?
Or the priest who faces the silence
With the Living Word unsaid?

Who giveth the heart's desire
To the poet with harp unstrung
When he dropped his trembling lyre
With his noblest song unsung?

This poem is fan-flipping-tastic. Isn't it funny how God made my favorite poem something that speaks of His truth, even when I wasn't a believer? He thinks He's hilarious, I tell you!

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Gosh, that is beautiful. I can't believe it was written by a high school student! I could never have written that in high school.

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