Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday poetry

Tonight my Pilates instructor decided to speak over me that I should write something other than just this blog. I'm not a skilled writer, though I won a couple of poetry contests in high school. But really, who didn't? Anyhow, so what the heck. I'll try just about anything once or twice. I know the work is terrible, please be gentle. It takes just a little bit of courage to do this publicly!


There are few things I know that are fixed, flat, sure
but of those I do

I know that I am the chiefest of sinners
My veniality developing, enveloping
At sharp angles and intersecting planes
The heavy sigh of flesh pleasing flesh
I rail against the miry dregs of self

I know that mothering is where I go to die
The solid sureness of those saintly bones
Hushed prayers and hallowed benedictions
Tip of toe, tip of toe
Treading lightly to kiss a twilight brow

I know the whisper and hum of a taciturn day
Glory in the halcyon dreams
Of a mind left unto itself
Careful around the bend, there's danger in this parish
A wicked, quickening fantastaque

I know the want of wont
Snapshots of longing to touch gestalt
Echoes of hunger slip through my veins
The orb of fiery firmament unrealized
A sojourn in a gritty hostility
I coax certainties from the despair

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Michelle@Life with Three said...

Heather, I thought this was just beautiful. Thanks for getting up the courage to share it!