Saturday, August 9, 2008

This Is How Much We Miss ElleBee and the Manimal:

First, we went on a hunger strike protesting their leaving. The CCM did this the most dramatically, dashing his food onto the floor in a show of solidarity.

Afterward, he decided to sleep away his sorrows. This is a sign of depression, and I'm watching it carefully. You know how adorable little guys like these are prone to nervous breakdouwns.

We tried to bandage our broken hearts, but the Firecracker princess forgot where her heart is. Or maybe she's just wearing her heart on her sleeve.

Then we tried putting on our bravest, most beautiful faces. This worked for a bit.

We even tried crossdressing, but soon realized this did nothing to dull the pain.

While I hate to admit it, I drank too much. Yes, this finally induced a feeling of calm, albeit shortlived. Maybe I didn't have a migraine again this afternoon, perhaps it was a hangover. Sigh.

Isn't this a sweet picture?!

We miss you, and we were so glad to have you visit!!

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ElleBee said...

Awww...we miss you guys too! The Manimal isn't back to normal yet either. In the 15 minutes we were at the farmer's market, he managed to absolutely COVER himself in dirt. I had to clip his nails to get his fingers clean.