Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Who would have EVER thought that I would go willingly to a dance-based exercise class? Yeah, that makes two of us. They started teaching Zumba today at Due West and I decided to go. Now, I'm not a Methodist, but this church is amazing. Take a look at their site and look at all the stuff they do. It's totally astounding to a Vineyard gal like me.

So I go to Zumba today, and really, it isn't bad. I feel moderately successful, and it burned about 300 calories. Given that none of the 18 of us had ever taken it before, and that it was the instructor's first class (she just got her cert), I'd say that's not half bad. And did I mention that it's on Tuesday, which makes me positively giddy? That gets us out of the house on the day when the Music Man isn't home until bedtime. Yay and yippee!

The Look Alike is standing pretty regularly, but not cruising yet. She did cut her first tooth last Monday, though. I can't say I'm hurrying her along too much, but darn it, when she can walk, we can all go to the gym! I love Due West, but it's a 30 minute drive each way. The things I do for exercise, I tell you! Zumba (just fun to say)!


Michelle@Life with Three said...

I just found out they offer this at a local spa in our area. I think it looks like tons of fun. That's my idea of exercise -- when I don't even realize I'm exercising! ;) But, unfortunately, the class is on the same night that I have karate. :(

Sandy P said...

Your kids have to walk to go to the gym? That would give me reason to appreciate my early walkers.

seethebluesky said...

You made me realize how much I missed my old exercise classes!
I have had a hard time with motivation and I'm wondering if getting back to classes might help... I use to love them.
I actually called and talked to a gym in Cartersville yesterday and I'm going to stop by tomorrow.
I didn't realize you were near the Due West area... I thought you were over in Gwinnett or something. Anyway... small world....