Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Body Fat Percentage and Old Navy

Thanks to my lovely blog pal Brenna, I decided to take my body fat percentage this afternoon after my usual 10-12 cups of water (but after an hour of light exercise, just for balance). Turns out it says I'm 28.8% body fat. That's a really big difference! Makes me feel much better, means I only have 42 lbs of fat (only, sigh). My end goal is about 127 lbs, so that means I have another 16.6 lbs of fat to lose, so I'd have to lose only fat plus another 3 lbs of muscle to get there. We'll see. Right now I'm content in the size 10's I wore before I was pregnant with the Firecracker Princess and giving my body a chance to regroup for a while as I work on the Honoring Hunger experiment.

On to Old Navy. They have caused me angst. I may be the only person who has never shopped there much, but I didn't realize that their clothes tend to run a bit small. So I bought some stuff there one day when they had the $12 jeans sale, some size 12 jeans and a pair of 10s for when those were too big. Except the 12s were too big about 4 days later, but the 10s are SO STINKING TIGHT still. What's up with that?! But anyhow, my real problem. We're going to WDW in 2 weeks, and I've been looking for shorts. I bought a pair of 10s at Old Navy about 6 weeks ago, thinking I'd be in that size by the trip. Based on the clothes that I had before the FP was born, this seemed about accurate. Two weeks ago those were feeling pretty snug still, so I bought three more pairs of shorts in a size 12. Wouldn't ya know, the 12s almost fall off. The 10s from Old Navy? Still snug, almost uncomfortably so. Silly Old Navy. And silly me for not noticing sooner! I did go back to Macy's and get some amazing Levi's denim shorts and some Bandolinos too for $5 a pair. It's ok to be slightly awed by my bargain hunting abilities. Eighty-eight perfect off, woohoo!


Brenna Kater, the Oceanskater said...

Awesome about the lower body fat! Old Navy is really hit or miss on their sizing.

Anonymous said...

I agree about sizing at Old Navy. You are not crazy, not do you have some sort of physical anomaly. I run in to the same problem that there is such a disparity between sizes, so I won't be EITHER size. Weird. Annoying. Or just excellent tactics to lose my business no matter how cute their commercials are. Whatever. --Beth

Amy said...

I've pretty much found that unless it's a t-shirt, it's not not going to be from Old Navy for me. Their sizing is way crazy. Now...I need you to come up here to show me how you do your mad shopping. I want shorts for only 5 bucks! (Not that I can wear them in 50 degree weather...)