Thursday, October 2, 2008

Monthly Check-In

Here we are again,eh? This month was rough. I lost quite a few hours of workout time by taking on Elijah House, and I decided to ditch the rigid calorie counting in the middle of the month in favor of my new experiment Honoring Hunger.

So here are this month's stats, pitiful as they are:

June 2, 2008:
181 lbs
39.3% body fat

July 2, 2008:
170.8 lbs.
35.3% body fat

August 2, 2008
160.0 lbs
32.0% body fat

September 2, 2008
151.4 lbs
30.0% body fat

October 2, 2008
146.8 lbs.
30.0% body fat

Yep, either my BIA scale is wrong on the body fat percentage (and that's possible), or I only lost 4.6 lbs this month, all of it muscle. I wouldn't mind terribly to have lose a couple pounds of muscle, mind you, given the change in my workout routine, but I would like to be losing SOME fat!

This month is exciting. I'm still losing lots of hours of working out (and ugh, I have oral surgery tomorrow morning), but we're going to Disney World on Oct 22, so I'm hoping that three full days of walking and eating will kick my body into gear again. Sigh.

I'm 12.8 lbs away from my original goal of 132, and I'm hoping to make it before the end of the year!


Michelle@Life with Three said...

Okay, you stop it right now! Don't you dare get down on yourself. I think you are making phenommenal progress -- just look at how far you've come! You are not allowed to pooh-pooh yourself just because you think you had a "not-so-great" month. I won't allow it! :) Keep up the awesome work and remember that the hardest part of the race is often the sprint to the finish line! :)

Brenna Kater, the Oceanskater said...

Hey! I just recently checked my body fat, and I'm down to 23%! I'm pretty happy with that, especially since I've been an exercise slacker lately :)

You're doing great!

Brenna Kater, the Oceanskater said...

Another thing - what method do you use to measure the body fat %? If it's a scale, make sure you take your body fat later in the day when you are well-hydrated. That can affect your measurement by as much as 5%.