Monday, October 6, 2008

Dental Implant

Friday morning I went in to have the implant placed on tooth #30. This was w-a-y less fun than the extractions, believe it or not. I was there an hour and a half before I got called back, then had to wait for him to do someone else after I was already gassed up (THAT was not fun, the nitrous makes me a tiiiiiiny bit paranoid). Finally she came in and started my drip, then it was over before I knew it.

I'm still really sore and have been popping Advil, which normally I am loathe to do. Saturday, the Chubby Cheeked Monster was sick. Since I never get sick, I offered to hang out with him all day so the Music Man didn't get it. I had forgotten one little detail, though. They had given me four enormous amoxicillin before my surgery, so my immune system is kaput. Sigh. So now I'm sick and totally miserable. Even my skin hurts. Blah.

So that's where I am at the moment. Sick, exhausted, and hurting a bit. Fan-flipping-tastic.

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Michelle@Life with Three said...

Oh no! That's what you get for being generous right? ;) Hope you're feeling better soon!