Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hair Help (now, please)!

OK folks, I need your help. You see the most recent picture of yours truly up in the right hand corner. I need a hair cut desperately, and I made an appointment for Tuesday. Help me pick a style. My hair is currenty shoulder-length with long-ish bangs. I plan to get some highlights to help me look more, erm, alive and less, uh, homely (as a total aside, I had someone get all on my case this week when I mentioned being somewhat homely--what's wrong with that?!).

I'd love to do something bob-ish, but my stylist says my face is too full (and I'm sure she's right). I also need something I can get out of the way since I do go to the gym almost every day. I'm not opposed to short or medium, I've had it all. I don't have a ton of time to make things work, and I only know how to use a blow dryer and a flat iron. I'm pathetic when it comes to hair, I know! I sort of like this (but obviously staying in the reddish tones for me, blonde is not my thing):

In any case, I would love ideas, pictures, etc. Help me with this hair dilemma!

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Mitzi said...

That one looks very cute!! I can totally see you in that. I am cutting a whole bunch of length off after the summer, but for now I am digging my ponytail!! Let me know how it goes. Been praying for you!! M