Wednesday, June 4, 2008

A Brief Haitus

OK, so I know I haven't blogged yet this month, forgive me.  Things are a little crazy, between being at the gym (sometimes twice a day) and trying to get this protein thing going (my trainer wants me at 110 grams a day.  Any idea how hard that is for a former vegetarian?!), not to mention The Job Which Must Not Be Named and the kids.   

Tomorrow we're going to Ohio for a few days to celebrate my gradparents' 50th anniversary.  Isn't that sweet?  They're not mushy people, and really, some days I'm not sure they like each other much, but heck, they made it to 50 years.  Here's hoping they make it to 60.  

In any case, I'll also get to see my bestest friend ElleBee, whom I haven't seen since the Firecracker Princess was  was 8 or 9 mos old.  Since she's 3 1/2, that's been quite a while.  Stupid geography.

I wasn't planned enough to have posts ready, so I'll be back with you the middle of next week.  Then you can hear all about my first physical since high school and my lovely (gag) 3 hour glucose tolerance test.  No, I'm not pregnant again (yet, and God willing) and yes, it kinda sucks.

Until then, blessings to all!

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