Thursday, January 1, 2009

Blog Year In Review

I "borrowed" this from Kimi at See The Blue Sky. I'm pretty excited to say that I started blogging in March, and, including this one, am at 195 posts. Not too shabby!

My blog year in review... or the 1st sentence of my first post from March until December. They're not good like Kimi's, I've noticed!

March-Welcome to my new space.

April-I've decided to try some new recipes this week.

May-My posts are a little Jesus-heavy this week, I've noticed.

June-OK, so I know I haven't blogged yet this month, forgive me.

July-*Body and weight talk, please avoid if it's a trigger for you*

August-You want to fight the frump, you say?

September-Wowza, this is tough.

October-So I've been reading Robyn's blog for some time, and the iodine thing really got to me.

November-ElleBee roped me into this, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

December-"Aslan is on the move--perhaps has already landed."

What did I learn? I've learned to be more me this year. More the me God designed. He taught me that sometimes, using my voice is using His voice.

He reminded me that if I complain about my body, I am in spiritual rebellion, as He made each part of me FOR me, to do what He designed for me to do. Taken from an earlier post, He, "chose the slope of my nose, the curve of my hip, the arch of my foot".

I learned to eat better, and that drinking my greens is tasty. I learned to make bread from wheat I ground myself, and to be a bit bolder making new friends.

I learned to let it hurt when it needs to. I learned to lean on others, and that God gives us substitute parents, even with the same name as your real parents.

I learned to love a new baby, and to love the space between babies.

I learned that MOPS is not my thing, that my job doesn't define me, and that I need discipline to stay in God's word just like in my diet and exercise regimen.

I learned that you don't get three baby grace until you have three babies. I learned that old friends will forgive you, if you ask. Husbands will too. And God already did, you just have to let Him know that you want Him to do surgery on your heart.

I learned that I have work to do. And I learned that I really can't wait.

God bless.

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Michelle@Life with Three said...

What a fun post! And, you learned some great things this year -- in fact, I learned a thing or two reading what you learned. So, thanks! :) Happy New Year!