Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Admirer or Follower?

The senior pastor at my church preached on Sunday, and in part was talking about Koinonia Farms. The story was amazing, and he recounted a conversation Clarence Jordan had with his brother. Apparently his brother had some political aspirations, as a lawyer, and Clarence needed some help. A utility provider cut off their service because of their integrated status (remember, this was Georgia in the 1940s and 50s), and Clarence knew that if William called and spoke to someone with his clout, it would be taken care of. William said he'd LIKE to help, but it could cost him everything.

Then Clarence asked him if he was a FOLLOWER of Christ, or simply an ADMIRER. It's a good question, yes? I think about my life, and how I want to follow Him, but then I start thinking about the wrong things. Instead of asking Him what to do and sitting and listening, I busy myself with the stuff I could do FOR Him.

Let me clear, both with you and myself. God doesn't NEED me to do anything. A woman at my church once told me that God would love me just the same today, tomorrow, and forever if I did nothing for the rest of my life but sit and eat bon bons.

God is breaking through in me. I feel it, it's leaking out of me. Five friends affirmed something similar within a 48 hour period, but one said it so sweetly. He wrote (in part): "You've not only 'endured to the end', but grown remarkably. I read it in your notes, but I also see it in your look different. There's a peace and Kingdom confidence that absolutely radiates from you. I would not be surprised if that's not some of the powerful traits that He uses, not only on the ministry team, but in amazing ways in ministering to women who desperately need to 'see' His love and willingness in a human face....yours."

Isn't that about the sweetest thing ever? What a good guy. What a good God.


ElleBee said...

What a good post.

diana said...

i was going to say what ellebee said... what a good post =)

how convicting is the question, "are you a follower or admirer?" there are definitely times when i want to revert back to admirer. it's easier than following all the time.