Friday, March 27, 2009

Where Do You Go?

Do you have a place you go to get away with God? I don't. I tried making a reading corner in the living room that was just for me, but the children sit there all the time and leave their VSmile, etc., in the way which totally ruins it for me. Even if they didn't leave it, I think about all the other things I "should" be doing, like mopping the floor or starting dinner, and totally can't focus.

My friend Susan goes for a hike. I hate bugs, cold, heat, weather conditions, you get the picture. I love a beautiful sunset and all, but at the end of the day, I'm a gym girl through and through. That said, something has to change. I don't mind that I feel like I have to leave my house to get alone with God, but I don't have a place where I feel like I can go, what with disliking parks and all.

When I met with Ransomed Grace on Wednesday, she challenged me to make time for quiet time every single day until we meet again. Yesterday I made an effort at starting the homework she gave me, but then realized that's really not quiet time. How in the world is that supposed to look? I mean, I know there's no formula, but there's a general guideline, right? Something like, "listen to a few worship songs, pray a bit, read a bit, sit quietly and let Him talk", maybe?

You know where I get the most alone time? In the car. Living in the Atlanta metro area, pretty much everywhere I go except the gym and the grocery store takes thirty minutes or more. Church is almost an hour each way, so is small group. The Music Man works fully 45 minutes from home. That's our "normal". I love that time when I'm driving somewhere and have all that time to listen to music, listen for God. If only I could do that every day! Plus, RG is big into journaling, and I can't exactly wield a pen and manage the wheel at the same time.

Any ideas for this gal? This is something I desperately want to get right, and I haven't been able to in nearly four years!

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