Monday, December 15, 2008

What Is Going ON Around Here?

So as another small break from my emotional drama, I realized the other day that between us, the Music Man and I have been pulled over FIVE TIMES in the last ten weeks. Isn't that crazy?

The first time for each of us was when we were waiting on a license plate for the Olds. Georgia doesn't have registered temporary tags like Ohio, so that counted for two. He got pulled over on the way to Ohio in Tenn for speeding. We had just gotten on a detour, and he didn't realize the speed limit decreased from 70 to 55. The detour was literally less than 2 miles long. The officer saw we all had our seatbelts on and the kids were buckled in safely, warned us that the limit was 55 for quite a few more miles, and let us go.

I told you all about the school zone thing, and I'm going to court for that on January 14th. I've noticed several more things since then, like the fact that, because of construction, the flashing sign is almost totally obscured, and in front of it, it says school zone AHEAD. Nowhere does it say "school zone" when you turn left. I'm totally awaiting my day in court.

This last one made me mad, though. On Saturday, I was headed to the gym. I started turning left through the intersection, and the light changed to yellow just as I began through. I noticed the officer as I drove by (about 1/4 mile from the turn), but thought nothing of it. He got behind me and turned on his lights, and I was perplexed. When he came to the window, he asked me why I ran the red light. "I didn't", I said, "I just saw it turn yellow out of my peripheral vision". "Whatever", he says, "give me your license". Comes back a minute later (after seeing my unblemished driving record, I'm sure) and says, "I'll take your word for it this time".

Seriously? Because I didn't do anything wrong, and you couldn't prove that I had even if I did. What's up with that?!

Music Man says the police departments are short on funds and need to give more tickets. Figure that's partly true, and the guy was bored. But really, no reason to harass someone like me, wearing a seat belt, going under the speed limit, when there are real crimes to look after. Sigh.

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Michelle@Life with Three said...

What were you supposed to do? Sit in the middle of the intersection? That is absolutely absurd. I went through a spell like that a couple years ago. I got pulled over like 3 times over the course of a few months. It made me so paranoid.