Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Day 1 of the Prayer Chllenge

Yesterday, after all that, I forgot to pray for my husband. Undeterred, I started this morning. I got up at 7 to work, then I remembered I couldn't before my boss came online because of the flux of the Job Which Must Not Be Named. So I did what any mom with some time to kill does: went to my closet and tried on a dress I haven't worn in four years as a possibility for a wedding in July. It doesn't. Yet. I've got 8 weeks and three days, so it's a tall order.

Then I decided I'd pluck my eyebrows, which were desperate for some shaping. That took a while. Checked back, still no Boss Who Must Not Be Named. Decided I should actually pray for my husband, I spent some time in prayer, then decided to read my morning Proverb.

*As an aside, I've been really, really bad about Bible reading lately, so I decided to read a Proverb in the morning and a Psalm at night, thereby at least getting some Biblical wisdom each day.

And wouldn't you know, right when I was finishing my Proverb, guess who signed on? Guess He wanted me to read before I worked, eh? Sigh.


ElleBee said...

Pluck a chicken. Tweeze an eyebrow. :)

heather said...

pluck Definition

pluck (pluk)

transitive verb

1. to pull off or out; pick
2. to drag or snatch; grab
3. to pull feathers or hair from to pluck a chicken, pluck eyebrows
4. to pull at (the strings of a musical instrument) and release quickly with little jerking movements of the fingers
5. Slang to rob or swindle

Etymology: ME plukken < OE pluccian, akin to Ger pflücken < VL *piluccare, to pull out (> Fr éplucher), for L pilare, to deprive of hair < pilus, hair: see pile