Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Broke Down

Is how I feel.  Busted.  Crazy.  

I've been killing it at the gym, and I'm proud of that.  Really.  Except I'm tired.  I've been hitting Pilates (love), planning to hit cardio kickboxing Friday and H2O on Saturday morning, then Boot Camp on Monday.

Today was spinning.  I don't have words for what that felt like.  I alternated been praying the Lord's prayer to get me through the 3-minute drives (takes about 30 seconds), and praying for Jesus to return at that precise moment.  It was that serious.  And my bum hurts from sitting on that hard seat.  A gel cover is in my future, I feel certain.   I let the gym soaked in sweat top to bottom.  

So I've been lazy blogging the last couple of weeks since I've been in the gym six days a week trying to prepare for my friend's wedding and get into my dress.  Which zips as of today,  and that is good.  But it's not quite pretty, 
so I still need to drop a few pounds.  Six weeks and three days, and I'm giving it all I've got.


Michelle@Life with Three said...

Good for you, girl! Those classes sound great -- I love to take a bunch of different classes -- it keeps the workouts interesting. Unfortunately, our gym doesn't offer anything out of the ordinary.

I took spinning once, too. The operative word there was "once." It kicked my tush! I thought I was going to die, as well. Those three minute sprints -- those were the longest minutes of my life.

Nikki Jo said...

Hahaha... you say the Lord's prayer during sprints and I just keep thinking "I hope I locked my feet in tight otherwise they're flying out and I'm gonna look like an ass!"

Have you bought bike shorts yet? They'll make the whole butt experience much much better.

Remember: "chamois is your friend!"