Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Those of you who know me in non-bloggy life know that I was born in October, but three years ago today, I was born again. Thank you Jesus!

The ways my life has changed are literally incalculable. I've birthed two more children. My marriage has gone from wishing-I-could-leave-every-day to learning-how-to-love-every-day. I have a church family that's wonderful and that has supported us. I've watched my husband come to faith. I've watched friends come to faith. We've gotten much better control of our finances and paid off a ton of debt. We've received blessing after blessing for our small obediences.

God is good, all the time.

Three years ago today, I was sitting in a room with a couple of thousand people at Mary Kay's annual seminar in Dallas. It was thoroughly boring, and I started thinking about other things. For about 5 weeks I'd been attending a small group with my friend Stef that I'd met in MK, where she introduced me to the Rowells. I came in seeking hard after God, not sure I'd find anything. There was a moment of surrender in that seminar room where I was literally alone with Jesus and I just sort of said, "OK, I'm not really sure about this whole thing, but I WANT to believe in You, so if You're real, let's do this." Man I'm eloquent. ;)

The friend whose wedding I just attended? Met in MK. Laura's testimony started the whole search. While I was seeking, I never forgot that she said "He is big enough to let you seek". John added, "and He's big enough to let you find".

Such blessings. Today I'm thankful to my Jesus, and thankful for His hands and feet in the form of Stef, John and Ginger, Laura, and countless others. To God be the glory!

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