Friday, July 11, 2008

Fight the Frump--Gym Style

So we all know that I've been living, uhm, spending a great deal of time, at the gym lately. While at the gym, I've seen some decidedly frumpy things. Today's frump fighting will be about how NOT to be frump-tastic at the gym.

1. Wear something that isn't sloppy.
You can't help but carry yourself differently in some fody-skimming clothes rather than your ratty old sweat pants. And let's face it, it's much safer wearing something close-fitting than something tent-like. Ever get the leg of your pants stuck in a spin bike and try (unsuccessfully) to keep yourself from flying over the handlebars? Yeah. Be careful with that one.

I'm not saying you need to spend a ton of money on new gym clothes. I myself just got a ridiculous deal at Kohl's, where they had gym pants and gym capris on sale for 90% off. I bought six pair between $2.60 and $3.20 each. Other great sources for gym clothes are TJ Maxx and Marshalls, they have a good selection at half price or less. But something you like because it fits well and makes you feel good, that's more than half the battle.

2. Drink enough water.
In addition to keeping yourself hydrated while engaging in your hellacious workout, you'll also have the opportunity to rawk something other than your one-gallon jug of Deer Park. While I fully value thriftiness, and am a huge proponent of proper hydration, seriously. Unless you're at the gym for several hours on end, you just don't need that thing. You wouldn't believe how many people I see doing this! A nice Sigg or Kleen Kanteen will do.

3. Use a workout towel and clean your equipment after you use it.
Because, while I'm not a germaphone by any means, it's still common courtesy not to sweat all over stuff everyone has to use and leave it there. And being the "she doesn't clean up" pariah is sooo frumpy!

4. Try a new class.
I know people who have never taken a class at the gym, and you know what? I was that girl. Now I'm a class ADDICT! I work hard, make my body do new and challenging stuff, have people to commiserate with, laugh with, chat with. It serves everyone well. If you hate it, you get to say you survived the class. If you love it, you just discovered a new way to make your workouts more fun!

5. Smile and be confident!
Everyone is there to get in or stay in shape. They generally like being there. So smile already! Wearing something slightly less than cute like, say, your high school softball t-shirt and old yoga pants? No problem, a smile makes up for a multitude of sins. And really, who wouldn't walk with a little swagger after surviving cardio kickboxing? Seriously?

Be fab at the gym and so will I. You'll know me by the cute workout clothes and smile, so smile back and let me know that you fought the frump!

Now go see Fussy to fight the frump in other areas of your fabulous life!


Abbreviated said...

I'll try to keep those in mind while I THINK about going to the gym.

Amy said...

All good points. My current gym is my living room, and I don't know that the TV/video really cares what I'm wearing. And it's definitely a good thing it can't hear what I say to it as it tries to "encourage" me to lift my leg higher into a pose that just doesn't seem possible!

Sarah said...

Great thoughts! I need to look into a class - definitely more accountability there and you meet other people wanting to be healthy and get in shape too.

Happy Friday!