Wednesday, March 26, 2008

OK, enough procrastinating. 100 things about heather

1. I can't believe I'm doing this.
2. I'm left-handed.
3. I'm married to the Music Man.
4. I have three amazing kids.
5. We're leaving the number of children we have in God's hands.
6. I'm mostly comfortable with that decision.
7. I'm allergic to mangoes
8. I love to bake. Love.
9. I'm trying to weed out all white flour and refined sugar in our diets.
10. I desperately want to be in love with Jesus, and am just not there yet.
11. You could call me a little Type A, but you'd be closer to the truth if you called me an anal retentive control freak.
12. I have two brothers and two sisters.
13. I was born and raised in Ohio.
14. I married the Music Man when I was 22 and he was 24.
15. I'd love to have any sort of artistic talent, but I'm utterly devoid.
16. I finally got my B.S. when I was 24.
17. I don't sing in public unless it's church (and then it's quiet).
18. I don't really like chocolate,
19. But I LOVE devil's food cake.
20. I don't drink caffeine, it gives me nasty headaches.
21. I had a drug-free birth with the Look Alike.
22. I was a vegetarian for 13 years.
23. I used to play the bassoon, perhaps badly.
24. I'm painfully shy in social situations.
25. I'm a "proud member of the religious LEFT".
26. I've got some weight to lose.
27. I bake all of our bread from scratch twice a week (or more).
28. I love a bargain.
29. But you'll never see me with something particularly "cheap".
30. My favorite book is Jane Eyre.
31. I still have friends from elementary school.
32. I used to do Mary Kay...
33. Because before that I was a makeup artist with Lancome...
34. And before that I was an area sales manager with a dept. store,
35. And before that I managed The Limited,
36. And before that I worked at Bath and Body Works,
37. And before that I worked at Dairy Queen.
38. Now I work at home full-time, along with raising my kids.
39. I find myself torn between stewardship and extravagance.
40. I believe that God still speaks, if we'd only listen.
41. I've only ever lived in Ohio, Georgia, and a 3 month stint in Illinois.
42. I have one tattoo.
43. I have two sets of earring holes, but never wear earrings.
44. My wedding rings all have cognac diamonds.
45. We married in GA but honeymooned in Las Vegas.
46. My best friend used to be my teacher.
47. I'm a horrible photographer
48. I really, really love to sleep.
49. I'm an INFJ, the rarest personality type.
50. On the DISC scale, I'm an "S", but people always think I'm a "D", which weirds me out.
51. I've never left the country.
52. We almost always vacation at Disney World.
53. I'm fairly dramatic.
54. I've been recovered from an eating disorder for almost ten years.
55. I have a friend who is a nun.
56. I don't know my father.
57. I'm the oldest child and the oldest grandchild.
58. I've never been to a funeral.
59. I own blue suede shoes.
60. If I leave typos in a message, I'm comfortable with you.
61. I don't like to be touched by people I don't know.
62. I LIKE brussels sprouts.
63. I've never turned up my nose at a vegetable.
64. I was a 4 year letter winner in softball
65. And was in marching band
66. but I survived high school by the skin of my teeth
67. I've had at least two documented "nervous breakdowns".
68. Now I think I'm ok. :)
69. I'm 5'2".
70. I wear a size 9.5 shoe (not a typo).
71. I don't think soup is a meal.
72. I eat cold cereal every single morning.
73. I think kids should rear-face in car seats until they reach 33 lbs or more.
74. We have three car seats across in a sedan.
75. I didn't start driving until I was almost 20.
76. I have to sleep with a pillow between my knees.
77. I'm terribly boring.
78. I hate making phone calls.
79. My house is a mess,
80. But I'm working on it.
81. I love researching cults.
82. I don't like jarred pasta sauce.
83. I have eight different sizes of clothing in my closet
84. Which means I desperately need to clean it out
85. I watch far too much television.
86. We don't have a DVR.
87. I only see my family once a year.
88. We live 5 miles away from my in-laws.
89. I own handbags that cost as much as my mortgage payment.
90. I'm not a big fan of pregnancy.
91. I'm just now reading The Chronicles of Narnia series.
92. I have three cats now, and we lost one in December.
93. I love my kids so much that I cry, just randomly.
94. I really dig Jodie Foster.
95. We're trying to eat mostly organic food,
96. But I don't ever plan to cloth diaper.
97. I don't believe in circumcision.
98. We don't vaccinate.
99. I guess all that makes me pretty crunch-tastic (except the disposable diapers).
100. Praise God, I can't believe I finished.


dcrmom said...

Okay, but you are NOT boring!!! Loved this. Also, check out the comment on your Chic Critique post.

Take care! :-)

ElleBee said...

And you thought you couldn't do the blog thing! :)

Mitzi said...

Okay, number 100 was not really a thing and I am impressed that most of that stuff I knew.... but since I just sprained my shoulder patting myself on the back, I'm going back to work. M

kimi said...

I love your blog.... thanks for leaving the link for me...
Strangely enough I think I may be your evil twin!