Monday, March 24, 2008

Food for thought

Lately I've been really impressed that my family needs to start eating better. Don't get me wrong, we eat better than 75% of America I'd venture to say, but there is LOTS of room for growth.

About a month ago I bought a Wonder Mill and 135 lbs of wheat berries (!), and have been making bread from my own freshly milled flour. This was no great stretch for me, since I've loved to bake for some time. In fact, I've got two loaves in the oven right now. Last week I made homemade rye and, aside from the bizarreness of the recipe, it was quite tasty.

Now I'm researching CSAs (if people would call me BACK, sigh) and going all organic dairy. We already have organic grains for our bread, so adding the dairy and produce will get us a good portion of the way there. Meat will have to wait a little while, but since we only eat meat about three days a week, it's not as big a concern as the things we eat daily.

But here's the rub. I HATE seafood (which I think we need to start eating) and I LOVE Girl Scout cookies. Weeding out all white flour and refined sugar has proved somewhat more difficult than I thought, thanks largely to breakfast cereal, which I eat at LEAST once a day. Anyone got any inspiration for me? Recipes are loved, as well!

And just as a little inspiration to myself, I've dropped almost 35 lbs. since the Look Alike was born three weeks ago. Woohoo! Now if I could just get back into my clothes...

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