Saturday, March 29, 2008

Green Smoothie Love

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OK people, forgive the whole picture thing, I've never posted one before. In fact, one of my coworkers had to tell me how to get this far.

So today I had my first green smoothie. Any of you green smoothie-ites have noticed that there was more fruit than greens, and I'm working on it. Yes, that is a fresh and delicious pineapple in the background. And yes, that is a St. Patty's day straw I scrounged out of the mess drawer in the kitchen. It didn't work, said smoothie was way too thick to drink through a straw.

Anyhow, so if you want to try a green smoothie, here's the recipe I used:
*1 really large handful of baby spinach (I'm guessing 1.5 cups, it was up to the 2 cup line in my blender w/o being TOTALLY smooshed down)
*2 small ripe bananas (mine were frozen)
*1 c. frozen mixed fruit
*5-6 frozen strawberries
*1 T. flax seed
*1-2 c. water

I blended the spinach, flax and 1 c. water alone at first because I don't have an amazing Blendtec or VitaMix blender (although if I get into this, I'm sure a purchase will be
forthcoming), then added everything else. I promise to get to a more even fruit/greens ratio soon!

Thanks so much to Sara from Happy Foody for the challenge, even though I took it up, oh, after it ended...

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