Friday, November 13, 2009

On The Seventh Weigh of Christmas

Ok ladies, today is the first weigh in! How did you do this week? Did you have any special challenges?

For myself, I honestly do not know what happened. I kept my calories under control and didn't skip any workouts, but GAINED 1.8 lbs. I would imagine that part of it is the stress of leaving for Russia in 7 days, but I don't believe that would account for almost two pounds. There's one other remote possibility, but I won't be able to confirm or deny that until I get back from Russia. :)

My struggle this week was not having a well-stocked pantry. I'm almost out of rice, lentils, and most beans. I try to keep several easy meals on hand; eggs, turkey sausage, pasta and sauce, and boxed organic soup. We had all of those this week, but when the pantry is slim, I feel deprived. This is more a mental thing than physical, since I know cognitively that we have more than enough. It feeds into some childhood stuff for me, a sense of lack, that I battle today.

Anyhow, so there you have it. Since I gained, I'm -9% to my goal. Yick. I'll post next Friday for the weigh-in, and guest blogger ElleBee will post the recaps for my while I'm gone!

ETA: Please be sure to post your percentage to your goal so I can do a ranking!


susan said...

This past week I have been up as much as 1 1/2 lbs, but this morning it was only... .2lb(that is 2/10 of a pound:) amazing!
Hoping next week will be minus that .2 and a bit more:)

Kathryn said...

So relieved that I am not alone - I am at exactly the same weight - but my body fat has increased by 2%. At this point I'm tempted to blame it on the scale I use to calculate it, but I know I would be just throwing blame around. :-)

My struggle this week was/continues to be some very emotionally-charged situations that are hopefully passing soon. I don't think I was able to really put my heart into any workouts this week and I definitely wish I had eaten better.

Bring it on, Week Two!!

Anonymous said...

This is Jill.

I'm down a lb. this week. This week was super crazy busy, let's hope the rest of the weeks settle down.

ElleBee said...

I'm down 1.5 lbs this week (woo-hoo!). Which, by my less-than-stellar math skills is 7.5% of my goal. A bit surprised by this, but I guess the good (more movement) outweighed (no pun intended) the bad (exhaustion and more processed food than is healthy).

heather said...

Hey Kate, you can't have gained 2% bf this week. That would mean you lost 2% muscle, and well, that's a loss of 3 or so pounds of muscle. you'd have a pretty serious health problem if that was the case! BF scales are never right, just ball park. Some days it tells me I only have 17% bf! my dreams!

Beth said...

Original Weight: 198.4
Current Weight: 200.2
Goal Weight: 180.0

Yep, I gained 1.8 pounds this week too, which is rather disappointing. I'm pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that I went out to dinner last night with some ladies from work and totally snarfed down some nachos and salsa. Sodium will be my scapegoat this week.

After all, I can't blame it on not going to the gym. I did make it to the gym this week. Once. Which might sound bad, but that's like a 100% INCREASE in the occurrence of workouts I've had in the past two months. I plan to go after work tonight, too. Scratch that, it's Friday. Who am I kidding? ;)

And Heather, since I tend to overanalyze, I had a question... When you are asking for a percentage, you want our percent to our goal? Not the percent of body weight lost? So, if that's the case, that would put me approx. 11% further away from my goal than last week. Maybe I should go look at a beauty magazine now so I can feel even worse about myself.

Did I mention sarcasm is my most frequently used defense mechanism? ;)

Beth said...

Let me expand on my question to you, Heather, for the sake of clarifying the competition aspect of this. Not that I have a competitive streak or anything.

So are you measuring the success of each person's weight loss by what percent of their goal they achieve? Or by the percentage of overall weight lost as compared to their previous body weight?

Because if you are measuring the competition by the previous percentage (percent of goal), I'd like to revise my goal. I only want to lose 5 pounds. Statistically, that is going to really increase my odds in this competition. ;)

heather said...

Yep, winner is determined by how close they get to the goal they set LAST WEEK. :) If you wanted to lose 20 lbs and lose 19, you'd be 95% to your goal, and if 95 is the best percentage, you'd win! I did that because we're all at such different stages, some with 10 lbs to go and some with more.

Looks like this is a tough week all around, yikes. Wish I hadn't bought that Nutella today... :)

Wendy said...

Yipeeee...I lost 4 lbs this week. I actually ate salad while eating out (which NEVER happens). I did my best to count calories. I'm keeping in mind ww points too. I can eat 36 pts a day. I'm going to try to work out some next week. How do I calculate percentage?

Anonymous said...

This is Tonya...I am the same weight as I was...I didn't gain or lsoe so hopefully next week I will have lost some! :(

Jennifer said...

I am not sure what happened for me this week either. I worked out every single day(I am doing P90x, for those that don't know) and I ate healthy. I am at 145.4 so I gained .4 -- confusing nonetheless. Oh well...what are ya gonna do. I'll keep going. Bring it.

heather said...

Wendy, you said your goal was 15-20 lbs. Since you lost 4 lbs, we'll go with 20! 4/20=20% to your goal week one. Yay!!

kimberly said...

Sorry to show up so late, but I've been busy and somewhat ashamed as I was up from 173 to 176.
I didn't watch my diet and didn't exercise... I think the main issue is that I wasn't cooking but grabbing things here and there, and I always do better if I'm cooking/planning meals.
So this morning I am at 176.5, and I'm starting over.

Nikki said...

Damn... Like Beth I misunderstood the rules and will likely pay dearly for my overly aggressive goal. :o)

Anyhow, I know this is late, but...

Original Weight: 74.2kg

New weight: 74.1kg

Percentage toward goal: .009

Uhhhh, that's bad, right? ;o)

Don't have any fabulous excuses other than being a slacker. Look for this week to be worse as I spent most of it on vaca!