Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm 30!

Monday was my birthday, the big one. Three-oh. I've been anticipating it for about six months, and it wasn't the least painful thing that's ever happened to me. It wasn't horrible, but still. I awoke to a freaking monsoon. I love the rain, but I'm totally over it at this point. I needed to run some errands for my trip to Russia in the morning, so I went out to Target and Old Navy where the rain soaked the bottom NINE INCHES of my jeans. Seriously.

Made it home in time to change clothes and take the kids over to Music in-law's so MM and I could go out to lunch. Had a lovely Thai meal, then we walked around the Square for a bit. The Special-Birthday-Cupcake place was closed, so I had no cake that day. :( When we were done, I had more errands to run, so we did them together. Not exactly fun or exciting, but hey, some things got crossed off my list.

I was feeling icky and restless that evening, so I decided to go to dance class. Yes, I went to the gym on my birthday. I felt like dance was a gift that God gave me last year through my friend Prisoner of Hope, and I wanted to express that back to Him. It was lovely.

In the last two days, I've received some sweet affirmations from people precious to me, lovely things that provided a little levity to the weight I've been feeling of late. Thank you. And you and you.

So even though the day wasn't exactly special or thrilling, as ElleBee said, "at least I know it's not that different than 29"! Yes indeed.

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ElleBee said...

Nine inches, huh? I'll refrain from commenting exactly how far that must be up your legs as you only have a total of about 60" to deal with! Love you! :)