Friday, October 2, 2009

Girls In The Weight Room

I have something to say and, judging by the gender split in the weight room at my gym, it's not going to be popular.

I changed my strength schedule to M, T, Th, F instead of M, W, F because I wanted to do two 2-day splits. Tuesday, I was super excited to see when I got there that there were FIVE other women in there with me. And then I kept looking. Three of them were on ab benches/Roman chairs. One was doing hip adductors, and one girl was doing my kind of stuff, bicep curls and their ilk. That last girl worked hard and was in there for most of my workout. I get a little competitive, and she lifts around what I do (except I deadlift more and she does more on shoulder flys).

I was totally jazzed that I had someone to push me and was hoping that she'd be at the gym when I got there this morning. She was. My heart sunk.

She's a personal trainer. So apparently, at a big gym in an affluent neighborhood, I'm the only girl who is in the weight room regularly doing more than three machines. That's just not ok! The weight room isn't just for the musclehead guys. And there are is much more to do than just abs and thighs. Dumbbells? They're amazing.

I'm just saying give it a shot. The meatheads really want to help, and some of the things they've suggested I do have resulted in big changes in my body over the last few weeks. I'll post pictures soon. Get in there and sweat!


Smilee306 said...

I randomly ended up at your blog, but I wanted to say that I just got over my fear of the weights. Today I used much of the expensive equipment that my student fees have bought, and I thought it was great. There was one other girl there, but like your story she was only doing the thighs. The guys were surprised to see me rotate through I think, but they were very friendly. I really enjoyed it!

Nicole said...

I'm just stuck on the fact that you talk to people in the gym... This to me is very weird...